TMS2 Vehicle CCTV system

Vehicle CCTV

The most obvious advantage of a Vehicle CCTV system is the evidence provided after an accident. In the event of a collision, it is common for both drivers not to take responsibility. It can be even worst in case of fraudulent accident claims known as Crash for Cash schemes.

TMS2 covers the full range of Vehicle CCTV products for any kind of fleet, including the following:

  • Forward Facing 3G camera with full diagnostics and live view.
  • Multiple camera systems, including 3G with full diagnostics and live view.
  • 360 Degree 'Bird view' systems.
  • Bespoke camera systems.

This technology highlights potentially dangerous driving styles enabling management to take action with the driver in the form of training prior to and hopefully avoiding accidents happening, which leads to reduced insurance premiums.



Single Camera DVR System

TMS2 Single Camera DVR, is a professional Vehicle CCTV system, suitable for large fleets of any type of vehicles, as it is modular, space efficient and can be extended adding extra cameras, covering the cabin and cargo and a 360° area, outside the vehicle.

Comparing to widely used dash cameras, TMS2 Single Camera DVR provides several advantages. Events are safely recorded in a non-volatile SD card, safe from vibrations during normal vehicle operation or after an impact.

The SD card is protected from tampering as it securely sits in a locked container, inaccessible from the drivers or any un-authorised personnel.

Unlike dashcams, Single Camera DVR system is not fitted to the windscreen so there is no need to be refitted in case the windscreen is replaced.

Multi Camera DVR System

TMS2 Multi camera DVR Video System, extends the advantages of Single Camera DVR.

For two channel DVR video systems, the suggested setup includes an mDVR system rather than two camera dashcams. Dashcams are fitted to the windscreen so they need to be refitted if the windscreen is replaced, they are more obvious to the driver and can be more easily damaged/vandalised.

The mDVR has a built-in accelerometer to monitor harsh braking and has multiple I/O making it easy to connect a fuel monitoring device to alert against fuel theft or other functionality as required. The mDVR provides live view if required. This is particularly helpful for driver training.


The mDVR system comes with a hard drive or a twin SD card. Both versions are efficient and reliable.


Camera DVR Features

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking system integration
  • 3G enabled
  • Safe data recording and retrieval
  • Save video footage for 1 month
  • Robust tamper safe and secure
  • Can be expanded by adding more cameras
  • Much more flexible comparing to dash cams
  • Reverse and blind spot aid.
  • Audio enabled
  • Support 4 channel AHD 720P Cameras
  • Plug and play
  • Support up to 512GB Storage
  • HD Video Recording
  • Built-in GPS module (Optional)
  • Anti-vibration
  • Working Temperature -20-70
  • Easy installation

Forward facing cameras

TMS2 forward-facing camera system provides a drivers view of the road linked to highly detailed telematics data including location, time, speed, acceleration, braking, driving style, and impact forces. The relevant part of the video can be stored and downloaded remotely or manually.

In the event of an incident the system can provide detailed evidence which can provide:

  • Evidence against Crash for Cash staged and pre-meditated accidents
  • Evidence to challenge false or exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Helps resolve conflicting reports of an event
  • Provides evidence when there is a lack of independent witnesses
  • Disproves incorrect driving offense claims such as speeding or unlawful parking

Obstacle sensors

Available for recessed installation to the front, rear and side of the vehicle providing all round warning of close objects - cyclists, vehicles or obstacles. The system provides a buzzer alert and when fitted with the in-cab monitor provides a left/right numerical distance display.


Fleet managenent

Harsh braking, cornering, speeding, everything out of the ordinary is recorded and can be obtained directly from the SD card or downloaded over air using the 3G network. This is a very useful functionality for fleet owners, managing a large number of vehicles.

The camera can be linked to TMS2 Vehicle Tracking system, taking advantage of the extended functionalities of a complete fleet management solution.

The TMS2 Vehicle CCTV system has inbuilt diagnostics so any recording fault of failed or damaged cameras will send and alert to the system.

TMS2 offers a managed service whereby, we will review and download video as required for the fleet owner.

Side facing cameras

External cameras are mounted below the wing mirror allowing the driver to view blind spots via the in-cab display monitor and assist safe maneuvering.

Interior cameras

These cameras are designed for use in the interior of a vehicle, cab or load areas, to provide monitoring of theft, damage, unauthorised activity or threats to staff. The camera incorporates IR night vision for use in dark conditions. A built-in microphone is provided with certain models.

Reversing cameras

The reversing cameras are installed at the rear of the vehicles to provide a clear view when reversing and utilise automatic IR night vision for a clear view in dark conditions. The rear view is viewed via the in-cab display monitor.

360 CCTV System

This system continually records 360 degrees around the vehicle and provides the driver with addition visual assistance when maneuvering the vehicle. Across numerous operators, this system has been proven to save money by reducing accident claims against the operator and by reducing the number of accidents. The system consists of a 7" Monitor (5.6" and 9" are options) Reverse Camera, Side Camera, Front Camera, HDD Digital Video Recorder.

  • Reverse Camera
  • HDD Digital Video Recorder
  • Reducing accident claims
  • Reduce accidents



This system is aimed at those operators who want to demonstrate the commitment to safety culture and who want to save costs by reducing accident related costs (insured and uninsured), and reducing the number of accidents.

It consists of a 7" Monitor (5.6" and 9" are options) Reverse Camera, Side Camera, Front Camera, Digital Video Recorder (SD card or HDD Storage Medium) and an external Talking "VEHICLE TURNING LEFT" Alarm and Multi-Frequency Reversing Alarm.

  • DVR-800 SD
  • Heavy Duty Camera
  • Side camera
  • Front facing camera
  • 7" monitor
  • Step Area Side Protection System
  • Talking Left Turn Alarm
  • Multi-frequency Reversing Alarm