Antalis Case Study

Antalis is one of the UK's largest specialists in the supply and distribution of paper and related products created in 1999 by the merger of Wiggins Teape and Arjo UK Merchants. They are now part of the Sequana Group, a global player in the paper industry with a presence over five continents in more than 45 countries.

In the UK, they operate 200 vehicles from 19 locations and complete some 3000 deliveries per day.

Their primary requirements when they approached us were to:

  • Monitor the actual delivery performance of their fleet.
  • Acquire the data that would enable them to maximise the efficiency of their transport operation.
  • Generate a real-time view of the status of all deliveries throughout the day.
  • Provide up to the minute, accurate data for their sales teams in order to increase customer service levels.

TMS2 Solution

TMS2 solution comprised telematics hardware with a customised solution and our i-Track system with the Actual V Plan module:

Over and above the standard vehicle tracking functionality, their ability to monitor deliveries is being provided as custom developed enhancement to the functionality of the TMS2 system.

Antalis overnight automatically send us their delivery plan for the next day. Based on this plan data, the system will monitor the actual arrival time of a vehicle at each drop point. At each delivery location, the delivery time and status is captured.

The system provides Antalis sales and customer service personnel with a real-time view of the status of each and every delivery. Reports will be generated that will enable them to monitor the overall performance of their delivery fleet on an ongoing basis.

Key benefits

  • Real-time visibility of their entire fleet, giving them the ability to react instantly to any exceptions from the plan, such as late or non-deliveries and any deviation from a planned schedule as well as any excessive idling time.
  • The ability to obtain actual delivery times and verify them against pre-defined delivery windows.
  • Ability to notify customers of exact delivery times, removing any subjective element and thereby enhancing the level of customer service they can achieve.
  • The added benefit of a panic button improves driver security.

With the comprehensive data they generate from the system, Antalis is now in a position to utilise their resources, from vehicles to drivers, much more efficiently.