gm2 case study

gm2 Logistics is a key service organisation, providing warehousing, distribution, accounting and IT. The company is part of the James McNaughton Group whose core activity is the distribution of paper, board and other substrates to the UK graphics art market. gm2 have a fleet of 91 vehicles that operate across 10 depots around the UK.



  • Capture real-time delivery information to determine whether deliveries are made within the pre-defined delivery windows.
  • Be in a position to respond to customer queries about expected delivery time.
  • Gather and analyse data regarding vehicle waiting times at customer sites.
  • Calculate average drop time by vehicle.
  • Track their vehicles and monitor the routes taken by drivers in order to highlight any major deviations from planned routes as well as any unscheduled stops.

TMS2 solution

Our solution comprised Telematics hardware, our i-Track system and our Plan v. Actual module:

The i-Track software provides gm2 with real-time information on their vehicle's movements, 24 hours a day. It gives them the ability to look at historical information up to 3 months in the past. In addition, gm2 send a daily file to TMS2 (an automated process) that includes the delivery plan for that day for the entire fleet.

TMS2's Actual V Plan module takes this information and provides an end of day report on how actual delivery performance matched up with that planned. gm2 can see at any time which deliveries were on time and which, if any, were late or early.


  • Acquisition of firm data on exact delivery times allows the measurement of performance against pre-defined delivery windows.
  • The ability to notify customers of expected delivery times with more certainty, enhancing customer service levels in the process.
  • Having the ability to react to any exceptions that occur in real time.
  • Using the data generated by the system, gm2 are able to utilise their resources, from vehicles to drivers, much more efficiently.