TNT Express

With a fleet of more than 1,000 linehaul vehicles equipped with tracking on the road every day, TNT Express ability to track trailer locations in real-time was seen as key to further enhancing the speed, reliability, and accountability of service they offer to customers.

Most importantly being able to track 'live' trailer locations means TNT Express can adopt a more flexible approach to loading/unloading schedules at its distribution hubs, where hundreds of vehicles pass through in quick succession every night.

After extensive research and trials, TNT Express selected TMS2 to provide a trailer tracking system for their UK fleet and included an agreement for possible future extension of the system throughout TNT's Express wider European operations.


TNT Express / TMS2 Features

TMS2 uses web-based tracking software, linked to Google mapping, to allow TNT Express to not only track where each trailer is at any given time, but also support greater route optimisation and driver performance analysis by allowing journey data to be overlaid against predefined optimal routes.

While TMS2 systems are primarily designed to be powered directly from a cab unit, a key feature is the internal battery life of each unit, which from fully charged can operate independently of another power source for up to three months.

Even if the internal battery charge is exhausted, the system retains data and recommences reporting as soon as any cab unit power source is hitched to the trailer.
Sophisticated motion detectors, which can differentiate between movement caused by wind or simple shunting of a trailer and actual on-road transport, mean tracking of TNT Express vehicles begins automatically when motion is detected, removing the need for individual units to be turned on and off.

Detailed Specifications

Full details of the TMS2 trailer tracking can be found in our Trailer Tracking webpage including:

  • Configurable reporting rates while the trailer is in motion.
  • Sophisticated power management.
  • Automated battery power alert.
  • Automated battery charge protection.
  • Sophisticated motion & vibration auto detect.

TMS2 Web-based platform

  • Search for a trailer - displayed on Google mapping (includes satellite and hybrid views).
  • Follow trailer in real time.
  • Follow the trailer's progress against designated route.
  • Trailer route history.
  • Placemarker (zones) allow reporting whenever entering or leaving a named zone (depot, client site etc).
  • A wide-ranging suite of standard reports and bespoke reports can be created.