Petit Forestier case study

Petit Forestier is a specialist in the supply of temperature controlled vehicles and equipment to business users. They are the leading independent supplier of refrigerated transport and associated services in the UK. In total, their UK fleet comprises 4000 vehicles.

Part of the team that is needed to maintain the fleet at peak performance, are 14 dedicated service engineers who are used to maintain 760 vehicles operated for and it is these vehicles which the TMS2 i-Track system is monitoring.

Their primary requirements when they approached us were to:

  • Confirm and consolidate their service engineer's time sheets.
  • Provide proof to their customers of a service engineer's visit.
  • Improve the security of their service engineers who work remotely.
  • Improve the security of their service engineers' vehicles.

The key benefits of the solution to Petit Forestier included:

  • The implementation of the Panic Button improves their engineers' security.
  • Access to real-time visibility of their whole fleet provides enhanced security.
  • Ease of consolidation and reconciliation of drivers' time sheets.

TMS2 solution

TMS2 solution comprised Telematics hardware (with a panic button) and our i-Track system:
The benefits to Petit Forestier included 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, real-time access to all current and historical data covering the movement of their vehicles.

The i-Track system provided comprehensive, accurate real-time location information presented visually on a map. The information they acquired via the system is stored was accessed in two forms - as a standard report format or visually as a 'snail trail' on a map.

Additionally, i-Track provided them with reports on specific events such as a vehicle arriving at or leaving a specific pre-defined location, a panic alarm being triggered, or a vehicle either idling for too long a period or exceeding the speed limit. Notifications of these events were viewed on screen, via email or text message so they allowing them to act promptly.