TMS2 Business Vehicle Tracking

Any vehicle. Any fleet. Bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

TMS2 Services

TMS2 provides a fully modular system encompassing a broad range of products and services which can be tailored and integrated to meet the requirements of any organisation operating a fleet of cars, vans, commercial vehicles, trailers or construction equipment.

  • Track your vehicles in real-time.
  • Live tracking in 60-second intervals.
  • Monitor driver's behaviour.
  • Receive alerts from vehicle activity outside the specified geofences.
  • Identify the vehicle location at each stop.
  • Fleet tracking. Any kind of fleet.
  • Re-direct a fleet onto more efficient routes.
  • Move more goods and services with fewer vehicles.
TMS2 Services

TMS2 Secure Server

Vehicle Tracking System Specification

The entire application is hosted on our hub which is hosted in a secure server farm with fully automated back-up and redundancy with proven 100% availability. The system utilises the GPS & GPRS networks to provide both real-time and historic views of vehicle location and activities. With GPRS 'always on' technology, vehicles can automatically send data on their position and status back to the central hub at any predetermined interval.

  • Real-time Transport Management System for an entire fleet, be it 10 or 5000 vehicles.
  • Fully managed via a secure network hub with no need for internal IT resources.
  • A modular system that can be integrated with supply chain management systems.
  • System access from multiple sites with UK and European coverage.

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  • Rugged telematics unit (black box) in each driver's cab.
  • Option of a Hand-held computer for ePOD (proof of delivery).
  • Option of a barcode scanner to scan consignments on and off of a vehicle.
  • Option of a driver messaging terminal.
  • Option of a green driving in-cab driver feedback module.
  • In-cab or remote panic button for the driver.
  • Connected via GPRS data networks
  • Driver and office manager training.
  • Support and service in the field, to meet a contracted service level agreement.

TMS2 Solution

Choose to see a single vehicle, a group of vehicles, or a whole fleet on a map at one time and zoom down to street level if needed. The system also sends immediate alerts to any exceptional events. Built in geo-fence functionality and alarms can warn via email, or an SMS message to a phone, about a late departure, a vehicle theft or a driver pressing a panic button.

Whether needed every day or once a month, the management reporting system is always available on-line and can provide a full suite of reports. As transport management requirements change, it can adapt and expand - it's easy to attach a sophisticated Handheld Terminal to provide a true mobile application and provide the real-time link back to central systems.

TMS2 Vehicle Tracking benefits

  • Real-time information.
  • Faster, more accurate execution of transactions and processes.
  • On-going service level measurement and benchmarking.
  • Improved security.
  • Managed service significantly reducing IT and commercial risk.

Reduce your operating costs making the most efficient use of all of the resources. Employees can deal with useful business issues instead of wasting time trying to cope with problems.

vehicle tracking benefits

TMS2 Camera Systems

  • Forward Facing 3G camera with full diagnostics and live view.
  • Multiple camera systems, including 3G with full diagnostics and live view.
  • 360 Degree 'Bird view' systems.
  • Bespoke camera systems


Fully customisable to suit specific vehicles, in respect of weight, width, length and weight, multiple drop application to calculate best route and delivery order, with full integration to back office.

The system we designed for Derbyshire County Council, guided the driver along the route recorded when salt was being spread and the system recoded completion of the route so proof was available if there was challenge form the public or an insurance claim.



POD can be integrated into the Navigation app, giving the driver, directions, delivery info and the order of deliveries, all available on a mobile hand-held device.

RFID cage tracking, allowing the stock in vehicles to be allocated to specific vehicles, the delivery and off-loading of these cages being recorded where and when the deliveries were made automatically without driver admin. This system can also manage the empty cages which in many operations have a very high loss rate, often being sold on and lost to the owners.