TMS2 Lone Worker Alarm System

Lone working

According to the British Crime Survey, approximately 150 lone workers are attacked in daily basis either physically or verbally.

As a best safety practice, a lone worker policy shields the people involved, identifies the processes of several hazards, assigns tasks to specific people and defines a set of actions, to manage emergency events.

A lone worker alarm device is a valuable employee monitoring tool, allowing remotely located personnel to communicate with their base, in case of dangerous or unexpected events. There is a certain risk in frequent relocations, working in remote places and meeting unknown people.

Workers exposed to remote, hazardous environments need a way to effectively communicate with employers. In case of an emergency there may be no time or the opportunity to do so using a conventional way of communication such as calling from a mobile phone.

Employers should encourage their employees to adopt the necessary safety measures when working remotely.

Whether the lone worker is working in a fixed location, moving or engaging with unknown people, a lone worker device minimises the risk of exposure to dangerous situations and allows lone workers to confidently focus on their duties.


Lone Worker accident

Hazards related to lone working

Violent assault

Verbal abuse

Car accident

Lone working related injury

Theft incidents

Un-expected illness

TMS2 solution

TMS2 provides a Lone Worker Alarm solution, including a tracking device, an accelerometer, and a Gyroscope to accurately determine if the lone worker has fallen.

After the device detects a violent impact or a fall from a height, the alarm is activated automatically, without the need of the operator's intervention. Alerts are categorized into Yellow or Red depending on the severity.

TMS2 lone worker alarm device is Bluetooth enabled so it can be used with a headset for 2-way communications. It is small and lightweight and fits a belt or lanyard around the worker's neck.

TMS2 Lone Worker Alarm device is fully waterproof, (IP67 rating) and has a panic button for the lone worker to press in case of an emergency.

When pressed, a red alert is activated, sending the incident data to TMS2 hub. The lone working alarm can also call the pre-defined number of your choice which is programmed into the device.

A GPS system reports the latitude and longitude of the lone worker to the TMS2 platform along with the date and time of the incident, the cause of the alert, log data and audio data.

A variety of alerts can be set up for an emergency panic alert, email and or SMS to designated parties. A Smartphone app is also available.