Vehicle Tracking Organisational Benefits

An investment in the TMS2 system benefits everyone in the organisation enhancing the essential elements of modern business practice - productivity and competitiveness.

Managing Directors can increase productivity, enable better customer service, safeguard reputation and help to win new business.
Financial Directors can reduce labour costs, produce electronic timesheets, reduce both fuel expenditure and insurance premiums.
Sales Directors can increase sales revenue, enable better territory management and facilitate more appointments.
Human Resources can plan staffing requirements, monitor working hours to comply with WTD and target driver training.
Fleet Managers can locate the nearest vehicle to "x", provide better route planning, save on phone calls, increase vehicle utilisation and facilitate accurate service intervals.
Vehicle Drivers can have detailed route plans, a navigational aid, increased security, less in-vehicle paperwork and proof of service.


Customer Services

Customer Services can give faster, more responsive service, keep customers updated and build customer satisfaction as information is gathered from vehicles and their drivers' mobile devices. This information is transmitted to and stored in, the TMS2 network hub, from where it can be accessed using a standard web browser. Access via standard web-browsers improves flexibility and minimises infrastructure costs. Security and integrity are paramount and TMS2 has stringent policies and procedures to protect our hub and clients' systems and data.

As a result, clients are able to take better business decisions because they always have a global picture of their operations, they have real-time information so the decisions they make with customers and partners can always be based on shared information. Clients are able to improve their customer service because they always have real-time information about a customer's goods and their whereabouts, so the control it gives allows them to fulfil a customers' most demanding expectations. Clients are able to reduce their operating costs because they are able to make the most efficient use of all of their resources and their employees can deal with useful business issues instead of wasting time trying to cope with problems.

Business benefits

In TMS2's broad experience, operators are able to both increase service performance and reduce cost through the introduction of our systems. Managers gain clear insight into operational performance and trends to enable continuous improvement to be measured and monitored.

TMS2 helps clients' businesses become more profitable by:

  • Notifying customers of an impending delivery so that they can be ready to unload, reducing waiting time and increasing turnaround.
  • Reducing paperwork through automatic monitoring and reporting, removing the need for manual data collection.
  • Controlling communications costs - in-cab communication can be included within a fixed fee.

TMS2 Advantages

  • Reduction in management workload through automatic monitoring, reporting, and removing the need for manual data collection.
  • Reduced fuel consumption combined with more efficient use of time.
  • Real-time management information - stand-alone or fully integrated.
  • Real-time delivery and collection information for customers.
  • Faster, more accurate execution of transactions and processes.
  • On-going service level measurement and benchmarking.
  • Improved load and driver security.
  • Managed service significantly reducing IT and commercial risk.

TMS2 Advantages

  • Fleet size reduction through transport efficiency gains.
  • Maximised utilisation of driver, vehicle and trailer resources.
  • Reduction in the required number of drivers, vehicles and trailers.
  • Reduction in the need for agency drivers.
  • Controlling communications costs with fixed fee in-cab communications.
  • Reduced carbon footprint and CO emissions resulting from increased fleet and efficiency and driver performance improvement.

As a result, the customer experience you deliver improves measurably while operational costs and competitiveness improve markedly.