Driver fatigue alert system

Prevent accidents

Manage insurance claims

Monitor your fleet drivers

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue alert system is a vehicle safety technology which helps minimise accidents related to driver's drowsiness and tiredness. According to several studies, fatigue-related accidents, combined with other factors such as the road condition and visibility, can reach up to 50% of the total amount of accidents.

Remote Digital Tachographs, play a significant role when it comes to road safety compliance, but this is not enough. The crucial moment when a 25-ton truck driver gets sleepy at the wheel or distracted, a proper driver fatigue alert system will make the difference between life and death, detecting several drowsiness symptoms such as yawning, head dropping and eyes closing.


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Driver fatigue alert system features

  • Monitor your drivers.
  • Prevent accidents
  • Remotely download accident footage.
  • Manage insurance claims.
  • Monitor harsh braking events.
  • Improve driver training.
  • Left turn warning indicators
  • Audible warning and flashing LEDs to warn cyclist and pedestrians.
    Self-check diagnostics built in.
    Sudden loss of fuel report.

DSM & ADAS camera system

TMS2 provides a DSM & ADAS camera module which is connected to the mDVR which uses video analytics to monitor the driver behaviour and detect signs of driver fatigue and distraction. It recognises if the driver is using a mobile phone, smoking, looking away from the road for too long, and also if they are becoming drowsy and at risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

The will send voice alarms, and report to management platform at them same time. In this way, it can provide driver protection so that lower the rate of accidents happening.
The system includes a GPS and 4G module. It supports SD card up to 32GB, alert without SD card.

mDVR Video System

When considering a two channel DVR video systems, an mDVR system is a better setup comparing to a two-camera dashcam. Dashcams are fitted to the windscreen so they need to be refitted if the windscreen is replaced, they are more obvious to the driver and they can be more easily damaged or vandalised.

The mDVR has a built-in accelerometer to monitor harsh braking and has multiple I/O making it easy to connect a fuel monitoring device to alert against fuel theft or other functionality as required. Although the requirement is for a managed service, it may be of interest that the mDVR provides live view if required. It is available with a hard drive or a twin SD card.

The mDVR has up to 4 channels (x5 channels for HDD) so can easily have additional cameras added on the HGVs for FORS Silver compliance, i.e. nearside and rear. It can be fitted with a monitor for the driver to view the cameras when turning or reversing. to supply side sensors for detection of cyclist and pedestrians.