TMS2 Remote Digital Tachograph Download

Save time and money.

No need to manually collect data.

Secure and encrypted data transmission.

Infringement safe.

Real-time vehicle and driver data.

Remote download.

Remote Digital Tachograph Download

TMS2 provides the option to link directly into the vehicle’s tachograph enabling the capability to automatically and securely download tachograph data and provide automatic driver ID.

Very competitively priced, the system reduces transport managers workload by providing fully automatic, robust and secure download of tachograph data for analysis

Digital Tachograph Advantages

There are several advantages to using a remote digital tachograph system. Fleet administrators can benefit from downloading driver and vehicle information remotely.

Total driving time, journeys, vehicle speed, distances and driver activity are securely recorded and downloaded either scheduled or upon request.

Data are consistently uploaded to your chosen analysis provider without the need for driver physical presence. Remote digital tacho download is more reliable, accurate, adaptable to your needs and unlike analogue tachographs, tamper safe.

Digital Tachograph Download

digital Tachograph Reader

Digital Tachograph Reader

A digital tachograph reader allows you to remotely download and manage your fleet and driver data. It is as simple as inserting the driver’s card into the tachograph reader slot.

Data is locally stored and sent to the tachograph server when a GPRS/WiFi connection is available. There is no need for external drives, USB sticks or the driver’s presence.

The card stays on the tachograph reader and all the event, speed and driver data are transmitted automatically.

Digital Tacho / Analogue Tacho

Remote Digital Tacho advantages comparing to Analogue Tachograph.

  • Cannot be tampered.
  • Increased reliability.
  • More accurate.
  • DVSA compliance.
  • Fast and accurate data storage and retrieval.
  • Can be adjusted to your requirements.
  • The higher price pays back by a more effective use of time and resources.
analogue Tachograph

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